DS2482 I2C to 1-Wire bridge

DS2482 I2C to 1-Wire bridge



This project shows how to use the DS2482 I2C to 1-Wire bridge chip from Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor. The software driver provided below for download has been ported from the sample code provided by Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor (Application Note 3684) to the CCS C compiler.

There are two different DS2482 versions available:

  • DS2482-100: Single-Channel 1-Wire Master
  • DS2482-800: Eight-Channel 1-Wire Master



Block Diagram

DS2482 Microcontroller Interface Block Diagram



The driver which is getting described here is written in C language and has been ported from Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor Application Note 3684 to CCS C compiler.



  • Driver source code (CCS Compiler, Microchip C18 Compiler): ds2482.c



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